Blank Deck
Blank Thoughts

Blank Tossed Out Deck. You hand/toss out the deck and 3 spectators lift up, look at a card and remember the 3 cards each.
Now the miracle…you show all cards printed on the back and now all the faces are blank. You then procede to tell them what card(s) they are thinking of.

Comes with online video instructions on ideas and uses.

Ideal for walk about Stage and Close-up Performances.

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Chop Shot
Chop shot is a fantastic chop cup set with 3 big shot endings that will be sure to blow them away.
Comes with:
  • 2 x die 1 gimmicked 1 normal
  • 1 Jumbo Dice
  • 1x 8 ball
  • 1x Shot Glass
  • 1x chop cup
  • 1x round foam close up pad


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Devious Dice

Gimmicked Dice locked in a Jar. Ideal for forcing a number smoothly, easily & quickly. Comes with a full routine and other ideas.

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Fleece Wand

Lovely and soft but ridged at the same time kids can't help go WOW! hen it appears out the magic box, a must have comedy wacko prop for the family entertainer.

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Himber Wallet

Thin quality wallet

  •  6 pockets
  •  Fits in shirt pocket
  •  The classic magician/mentalist’s wallet


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Hip Card / Prop Holder

Hip Card / Prop Holder fits on your belt and helps free up pocket space.

Compartments for:

  • Cards
  • Thumb Tip
  • Coins
  • Packet Tricks


5 out of 5
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Magic Mentos

A child is invited to assist the magician to change the colour of a silk handkerchief from white to red. If they succeed, their reward is to be a packet of Mentos. The Mentos are put into an empty tube and capped before placing them into the assistant’s pocket. The white silk is placed into a bag and tapped with a magic wand but instead of red, the silk emerges blue. After another attempt the silk changes to green. One last chance leaves the performer with the Mentos sweets. The child opens the capped tube and finds the red silk. Having completed the effect satisfactory the assistant leaves happily with the sweets. Silks not included.

5 out of 5
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pop up wand
Pop Up Wand

The Pop Pp Wand is made to sit inside your magic box or fits perfectly inside a Pringles/Stackers tube.

It can shoot whatever is loaded into the chamber (e.g. Magic Wands, Pens, Paint Brush, Wooden Spoon).

Shoots to approx 2-6ft in height for between 5 and 10 seconds.

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Pro 4 Wallet
Pro 4 Wallet- Currently out of stock
  • 4 Clear windows
  • 8 inner pockets
  • 12 pockets in total
  • Thousands of possibilities

An outstanding bit of thinking and a very well engineered and top quality prop. Endless, is the word that describes the potential of this wallet. Mick Wilson

Smart bit of kit. Mark Elsdon

5 out of 5
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Pro Peek Wallet+

A complete 20 min act in your pocket.

  • Peek system
  • Index section
  • Switch section
  • Double writing window N/W etc
  • A fantastic wallet you will love
  • Sellout at Blackpool Convention 2013
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Pro Show Hold Out Pouch

Quality leather accessory that:

  • Holds Jumbo coin/Cards
  • Is perfect for Fly drive effect
  • Fits over back pocket or waist/belt
  • Saves on pocket space
5 out of 5
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Pro Show Holder

The Pro Show Holder can be worn with a belt or with snap stud open tucked in to the waist band of your trousers or back pocket, ideal for Jumbo Coins – Glasses – Pool balls – Fruit- Cards – Bottles Etc.

The Pro Show Holder helps free up pocket space when performing, you can wear 1-2 or 3 at the same time, I personally use it for holding out my invisible deck so i can just reach behind and produce as a member of the audience is miming throwing to you an invisible deck. I also have one with a shot glass with a Reel Seal on my belt
when performing Chop Shot

4 out of 5
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